Switching Layout Series

Modern Era Switching Layout Series

Model Railroad Scenery

Scenery For Modern Switching Layouts

Because of their smaller size, switching layouts afford the luxury of being able to spend a lot more time detailing scenery. This book is a dig deep dive into detailed scenery treatment along the industrial right-of-way and in industrial parks. It’s a start-to-finish, top-to-bottom, approach starting with composition and color treatment and moving on to soils, gravel lots, grass, track and ballast, underbrush, pavement, waterways, and backdrops.

Model railroad switching layout track plan book

8 Track Plans For Modern Era Switching Layouts

Building on my popular switching layout series, 8 Modern Era Track Plans focuses on the modern era. Four of America’s great cities, Miami, Brooklyn, LA, and Baltimore serve as themes for the designs. Included are plans for: BNSF, UP, CSX, Florida East Coast, The Canton Railroad, and New York New Jersey Rail.

Model Railroad Design For Switching Layouts

How to Design A Small Switching Layout: A step by step guide to designing the most versatile of all model railroad types. Learn how to: set priorities, pick the best bench work shape, design secondary track, set scenery zones, choose the best industries, and more! Two bonus track plans included. Concepts can be applied to layouts of all sizes.

How to Build A Switching Layout: A prioritized, step by step, approach to building a switching layout with a powerful focus on the steps that create maximum visual impact. No step left out. Bench work, wiring, structures, scenery, details, and more!

Model Railroad Switching Operations Book

How to Operate A Modern Era Switching Layout: The title says it all. Everything you need to know to operate a modern era switching layout. How to set up an operating session. Car movement strategies. Job strategies. Prototypical paperwork. Prototype rules and procedures and more! Bonus track plan and operations example included.